Crustacean Cruise

Restaurant serves lobster in Ste. Flavie

Restaurant serves lobster in Ste. Flavie

There will be lobsters, mollusks, shrimp and fish – and more fish. It may be the feed of a lifetime as my friends and I head out on an eight-day cycling trip along the St. Lawrence River on June 10. The restaurants along the river specialize in sea food and they serve up much bounty from the chilly waters nearby. I plan to indulge myself shamelessly for eight days. The trip starts in Lévis (opposite Quebec City) and we cycle to Ste. Flavie in the Gaspé Peninsula. At that point we will turn around and head back. We have made our reservations for accommodations. All that’s left is to get the legs and butt ready for the hard work. I will do a full report with pictures in late June. Stay tuned.

I have hiked and biked through Nepal, Cuba and Mexico. I also maintain a busy schedule of adventure traveling in Canada. Many stories in the blog were originally published in the Travel Section of The Montreal Gazette. My web site is:

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