NEW Ek Balam: Tomb of a Mayan King

Visiting Ek Balam where the founding king has a tomb in the pyramid, dining in Valladolid and taking the local bus is the formula for an uplifting day in Mexico

Tour de Lake Champlain

Six days on the road: Pedalling through Vermont and New York State

Paddling in Georgian Bay

Featuring Many Parks and Access Points, Georgian Bay Dares the Adventurous to Savour Its Beauty and Risks

Your Guide to Canada and Beyond

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A Ton of Places to Visit

Cycling the world’s No. 1 bike route, the Véloroute du Québec, paddling in the 30,000 islands in Georgian Bay of Ontario, trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal and scrambling over the ruins of the cities of the Maya in Mexico, there’s a ton of places to visit and adventure to be had in my videos, photos and stories. Have fun.

No Path to Follow: Hiking in the Arctic

Trekking through Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island takes visitors across the Arctic Circle and to the Penny Ice Cap, a Remnant of the Last Ice Age. Trekking through Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island takes visitors across the Arctic Circle and to the Penny Ice Cap, a Remnant of the Last Ice Age.

Madawaska Whitewater Madness

I can’t think of a better way to warm up for the Canada Day weekend than a couple of days of whitewater canoeing on the Madawaska River in eastern Ontario. That’s just what I did on Thursday and Friday with Archie Smith and his friends, all superb canoeists. Also on the trip were hordes of mosquitoes and an island infested with poison ivy. To top it off we dunked a couple of times and I’m not talking about basketball.

Blueberry Thrill and Cycling in Quebec

IMG_2181 The Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean region is certainly well known in Quebec for its wild blueberries and big lake. In fact, blueberries are such a prominent part of the image that everybody from region is known as a bleuet (blueberry). But the region, a two-hour drive north of Quebec City, the provincial capital, is rapidly becoming famous as a little bit of cycling heaven, part of the growing Route Verte network. Read more:

Cycling Ontario’s Waterfront Trail

It can be tough finding a little patch of wilderness in congested southern Ontario, the most densely populated region of Canada. But Bronte Creek Provincial Park should qualify as wilderness if we alter our standards a bit. Despite the fact it is squeezed between a couple of suburban cities just west of Toronto, it is home to deer, fox and coyotes and there is fishing for trout, bass and salmon. Read more:

Secrets of Old Havana

IMG_1127 Havana pulsates with salsa and socialism. And there are plenty of good restaurants, many of them serving dishes made to order as opposed to the often humdrum buffet fare at the all-inclusives. A tasty 3-course  meal of fresh fish with a beer can be had for $10 at the Hotel Europa on Obispo, the pedestrian street that cuts through the old city. And many have salsa bands with some starting in the afternoon. Read more:

The Trek to Everest Base Camp

IMG_1907 Many people make it to the EBC and some do not – numbed by the cold, gasping for breath and exhausted by the sheer exertion required to drag your body over steep, rock-strewn slopes to a bleak spot on a glacier. But those who do make it will find a great sense of accomplishment. Read more:

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