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On Top of The World

Ten hikes in the Canadian Rockies by mountain man Ricky Forbes:

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Chilling History

The men who hunted the elusive Northwest Passage. From mythical maps to doomed expeditions and disputed cannibalism, a new exhibition chronicles man’s many attempts to find the Arctic channel

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How Canadian Soldiers on Bikes Won War

The Canadian army trained soldiers on bikes to perform all kinds of tasks in the First World War.

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An Eccentric Builder of Bicycles

Giuseppe Marinoni builds bikes for the cognoscenti.

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Storms, Avalanche Kill 12 in Nepal

Snow storms and an avalanche have killed at least 12 trekkers, many of them in Thorung La, the highest pass in the Himalayas. It is part of the Annapurna Circuit. Story is here:

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Man Pedals Rickshaw to Himalayas

Rickshaw driver travels 7,000 kilometers to high pass in the Himalayas. I wonder whether he ccan take me with him.

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World’s Scariest Path?

This mountainside path in southern Spain may be the scariest in the world.

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Cool 3D Video of Mount Everest

This video will give you an idea what the climb to the summit of Mount Everest entails without losing your breath.

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Wade Davis and His View of The World

Author and explorer Wade Davis has been named a professor of anthropology at the University of British Columbia. UBC has made an excellent choice. His books are fascinating and recount humanity’s many accomplishments and the difficult challenges ahead. Read the

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Avalanche kills 12 on Mount Everest

The climbing season is in full swing on the Nepal side of Mount Everest. And climbing to the summit of the world’s highest mountain remains as dangerous as ever. This is the New York Times story on the latest tragedy:

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